Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A week in Instagram

 I'll admit, it's been awhile. I love in Instagram, but the fact that it crashes nearly every time I try to upload a photo (thank you, iOS 7), I haven't been using it as much as I've used to. Anyway, here's what things have looked like over the last two weeks.

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1. During hurricane Katrina, my Dad cut out just about every headline and saved them (don't ask why..). Anyway, the other weekend while cleaning out his desk, we found them. Thanks, Dad.

2. My favorite fall candle: cider donut.

3. The only good thing about coming home late from work is seeing sunset on my drive home. Absolutely gorgeous.

4. After raining for four days straight, you think I would be sick of my bubble gum pink Hunters. No way!

5. My Humans of New York book that I pre-ordered back in July finally arrived. Worth every single penny.

6. I get so much free stuff at work, it's kind of crazy. This week? This neon pink watch. I love it! Perfect for any #armparty

7. Feeling bright and cheery on a damp fall day with a cableknit, minnie pants, and riding boots.

8. One of my favorite things about fall? Stepping in the most crunchy leave while walking.

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