Friday, October 11, 2013

Black Out and Such a Go-Glitter

This week, my nails remind me of a pretty, starry night. One of those late summer nights that when you look up, the sky is the darkest shade of black, and the stars twinkle in the sky, almost winking back at you. It's beautiful really, and extremely rare in the later months of the year, which makes me appreciate this week's manicure that much more.

For my base, I used Sally Hansen's "Black Out". With just two quick swipes, your nails are pure black - no streaks, like a lot of other black nail polishes I've tried. For the 'stars,' I used "Such a Go-Glitter" from the Nicole by O.P.I collection. It's a sheer jelly based glitter on it's own, but layered over just about any other color, is a completely different look. I think for my next manicure, I'll pair it with a similar solid blue. I can never get enough monochrome!
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