Thursday, October 10, 2013


It rained all day today. And to be frank, it sucked. I buttoned up my raincoat, slipped on my sturdy Hunter books, pulled out my zebra umbrella, and still managed to get drenched from head to toe in my 30 second walk from the parking garage to the office. But you know what? There's a silver lining to every day, no matter how sucky. So that's what today's post is going to be about - not the crappy weather.

Within the last couple of weeks, I have realized just how much I look forward to Thursday nights. It's right on the cusp of the weekend, and puts me in the best mindset to work my butt off on Friday. While my fiance heads off to his late night grad class, I savor every moment alone in my quiet apartment. I read trashy romance novels in peace, take a steaming hot bubble bath, or paint my nails with glitter polish. It's the absolute best, and just what I need after a long day at work. Here's how my Thursday evening is shaping up...



Just finished an episode of Four Weddings! And possibly Pawn Stars next. 


Fifty Shade Darker. Don't judge me, I just want to read the series to know what happens and try to comprehend the hype.


A burning cider doughnut candle, and my chili cooking in the crockpot for the cookoff at work tomorrow!


On the menu: grilled cheese, refried beans, and maybe some Ben & Jerrys? Can you tell I'm only cooking for one?


A white camisole from Gap, black Juicy pajama pants, glasses, and my rings.



Nights like these are the absolute best. They help me appreciate just how blessed I am every single day. Cheers - hope you're having a good night!

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