Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A week in Instagram

WOW. This last week has flown by. Can you believe it's November, already? I can't. But that means the holidays are around the corner, and I love the holiday season. Anyway, here's what the past week has looked like.

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1. My current iPhone case is this sweet little chicken that I got from my office (naturally, for free) #lovemyjob.

2. The metro is seriously quiet late on Wednesday night (not to mention, eerie).

3. Nomming on an Oreo cupcake a co-worker made for our office cupcake-bake off. See what I made here.

4. While waiting for my flight to Kansas, I read the most recent issue of my favorite local magazine, Washingtonian.

5. Looking down at beautiful blown glass at the Wichita Art Museum.

6. Fall foliage along the Arkansas River.

7. Another highlight spotted while walking down the river: the keeper of the plains.

8 When you're in Chicago, even if it's just for an hour, you get Garrett's popcorn.

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