Friday, January 31, 2014

101 in 1001: January 2014

I'm still really excited about my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. Already, I feel like I've accomplished more than I ever did with New Year's resolutions. However, plans like these are easy to fall behind on if you don't stay on track, so I decided I will do a monthly update with my progress.

Without further ado, here's what I have accomplished in the first two weeks or so of 101 things in 1001 days.

10. Get a library card.

Considering I permanently moved to Virginia more than six months ago, I can't believe it took me this long to get a library card. I'm still kind of embarrassed about it. But, now I have access to so many great books again (even though I am on hold for just about everything)! Plus, I have figured out how to use the e-book rental system too, which is really freaking awesome.

11. Read 20 new books.

Two down, 18 to go. Thanks to crossing off number 10, reading new books is going to be 10 times easier than it was for me last year. This month, I read Gone Girl, and Prep. I didn't originally think I would like Gone Girl, but I absolutely loved it! I'll admit, the first half of the book could be a little slow, but once I hit the 50 percent mark on my Kindle, I legitimately could not put the book down until it was done. At the dentist, while at long red lights, and even at work. It was dangerous! Unfortunately, the ending was not what I expected, and ended up being a little disappointing. On the other hand, I've been meaning to read Prep forever, and I thought I would really enjoy it. Not so much - the book was very slow, and kind of strange. 

26. Try 30 new Pinterest recipes.

One down, 29 to go. This month (really it's only been two weeks so far), I made creamy biscuit chicken pot pie. Definitely a winner to print out for my recipe binder.

32. Unsubscribe from 10 e-mail listings. (Williams Sonoma, LOFT, Kate Spade Saturday, Delia*s,Steez Promo,UNO's, Julep Maven, Active, American Idol,Live Nation)

I am determined to clean up my junk e-mail, and give it some sense of organization. I've already unsubscribed from 10 things, but I'm going to keep at it! Sometimes I wonder how I get on all these random listings...

35. Finish Lost.

It took Derrick and I nearly a year, but we finally finished! It's one of those shows where you really have to pay attention while watching, otherwise you might miss something crucial to the plot. I have to say, I really enjoyed the first three seasons the most. Although I am satisfied with the ending and think it was a great television series, I did find myself easily lost in the last few season. Thanks for saving me, Lostpedia.

43. Make two new Christmas ornaments.

One of two done. I could not be more pleased with how this ornament turned out! It's going to be a beautiful addition to our tree next year. Honestly, these things are so easy to make. Just pop in a movie, and get to work - before you know it, you're done! All it's made of is pins, sequins, beads, and some ribbon. You can find sequin ornament kits like this one here.

78. Try three new foods.

One of three. Kiwi! I've honestly never had a kiwi before - not sure why, really. It was delicious! Very sweet, and a little tart. Lots of seeds too, but that's okay.

Did you create your own list of 101 things to do in 1001 days? I want to know what you've accomplished so far!

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