Wednesday, January 15, 2014

101 in 1001

This year, I decided not to have any New Year's Resolutions. The common problem I have seen with New Year's resolutions is that there is no plan of attack set in place to accomplish those goals. Instead, inspired by an old post from Design Darling, I decide to write a list of 101 things to do in 1,001 days. That roughly translates to about 2.75 years, which I think is a reasonable time frame to cross off almost of all of these.

Some are kind of silly, while others are more serious. I plan to blog about as many of these as I can remember, and deposit $20 in my savings account for every goal that I accomplish. Honestly, I am really excited about doing this!

Start date: January 15, 2014
End date: October 12, 2016
(I used this calculator to figure this out!)

1. Travel to the Caribbean.
2. Visit a new state. (May 2014)
3. Have a fabulous wedding.
4. Move out of our current apartment.
5. Unplug completely for 24 hours (no iPhone, iPad, television, computer, etc.)
6. Complete three 5ks.
7. Finish all the Harry Potter books. (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) (October 2014)
8. Watch all the Harry Potter movies. (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) (October 2014)
9. Make a family yearbook for 2013. (January 2015)
10. Get a library card.  (January 2014)
12. Wear Ralph Lauren black label gown somewhere.
13. Donate old prom and homecoming dresses to a worthwhile cause. (April 2014)
14. Lose five or more pounds.
15. Pay for someone else’s order.
16. Bring donuts in for my coworkers. (April 2014)
17. Get prints made of my favorite photos.
18. Photoshop all of my favorite photos from my trip to San Francisco. (September 2014)
19. Go to DryBar and get a blowout. (September 2014)
20. Go to the eye doctor, and get new glasses.  (August 2014)
21. Buy three photography coffee table books.
22. Find a new church where I feel at home. (April 2014)
23. Watch five classic movies I haven’t seen before.
24. Go horseback riding.
25. Get business cards. (April 2014)
27. Get a credit card. (November 2014)
28. Inspire someone else to write a list. (February 2014)
29. Take a free online class.
30. See Bruce Springsteen in concert (again). (April 2014)
31. Take a cooking class.
32. Unsubscribe from 10 e-mail listings. (Williams Sonoma, LOFT, Kate Spade Saturday, Delia*s,Steez Promo,UNO's, Julep Maven, Active, American Idol) (January 2014)
33. Create a momento of our first apartment.
34. Give up desserts for two weeks.
35. Finish Lost. (January 2014)
36. Watch two other TV series in full I have never seen before. (Scandal,)
37. Go on a trip with a friend.
38. Donate to my alma mater.
39. Use my vintage Pentax, and get the film developed.
40. Join a group on meetup, and attend at least one event. (April 2014)
41. Upgrade my DSLR.
42. Get my old DSLR repaired.
43. Make two new Christmas ornaments. (One,)
44. Buy a piece of art I love from a local artist.
45. Try five new restaurants. (The V Virginia Eatery and Brew House, T.J. Stones, Crepes-A-Go-Go,A la Lucia, Burger Tap and Shake) (April 2014)
47. Start growing my own herbs.
48. Go one month without buying anything non-essential. (January 2015)
49. Go one month without going out to eat.
50. Pick fruit at an orchard.
51. Adopt a puppy.
52. Leave a 100 percent tip. (February 2014)
53. Fill out an address book with current contact information. (August 2014)
54. Upload old photos to Snapfish from the last two years. (March 2014)
55. Finish paying off my student loans. (November 2014)
56. Purge my closet, and donate anything I don’t wear.  (January 2015)
57. Go to a local estate sale.
58. Photograph a scene in all four seasons.
59. Swim in the ocean.
60. Have my family over for a sit down dinner.
61. Learn how to make three of my favorite recipes my mom makes. (1,)
62. Watch the sunrise.
63. Travel to visit my college roommate, wherever she may be.
64. Create a birthday book with all of my friends and family’s birthdays.
65. Attend an alumni event at my college.
66. Actively attend the same fitness class at the gym for one month.
67. Print off my favorite Pinterest recipes, and compile in a binder.
68. Get my Netflix DVD queue down to less than 10 movies.
69. Go to Sephora and get a makeover.
70. Take a class at a craft store.
71. Write five hand written letters, just because. (1,)
72. Go through my iTunes library, and purge anything I don’t listen to.
73. Splurge on something for myself.
74. Update my online portfolio.
75. Try meatless Monday for one month. (January 2015)
76. Contribute dishes for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
77. Write my 1,000th blog post.
78. Try three new foods. (Kiwi, Radishes)
79. Explore two new museums.
80. Create a system to organize our mail.
81. Find a new job. (March 2014)
82. Create a signature drink. Always have the ingredients on hand.
83. Buy a piece of furniture that I don’t have to build.
84. Wear bold lipstick every day for a week.  (July 2014)
85. Have family VHS tapes converted to DVD’s for my Dad.
86. Treat my mom to a Broadway show.
87. Buy a new statement necklace.
88. Watch some tutorials on YouTube, and get the most out of my Naked2 palette.
89. Convince my fiance to get a passport. (November 2014)
90. Enjoy a wonderful honeymoon with my fiance, and not worry about work while I’m away.
91. Go to a concert.
92. Take a day off from work, just because.
93. Be the interviewer, not the interviewee.
94. Make a piece of art.
95. Find a go-to tailor in northern Virginia.
96. Attend a friend’s wedding.
97. Go to an amusement park. (May 2014)
98. Go one month without straightening my hair.
99. For one week, turn off the morning news, and read for an hour. (August 2014)
100. Make a friend at work who I would hang out with outside of the office.
101. Write a new list!
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  1. I hereby volunteer to assist you in achieving number 97 - go to an amusement park.

    1. Thank you, tribune! Let's get that crossed of this summer :)

  2. This is a great list! And everything sounds super fun.

  3. Awww adorable! Some of them made me chuckle cause their so cute! How long did it take you to make this list?



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