Thursday, January 9, 2014

A little bit of everything

Sweater: Tommy Bahama
Shirt: Ralph Lauren
Pants: Mavi
Shoes: C. Wonder
Bracelet: vintage

When it comes time to get dressed in the morning, I typically gravitate toward pieces that match perfectly. Ideally, something along the lines of a printed dress, a coordinating cardigan or blazer, minimalist jewelry, and a pair of matching pumps. It makes getting dressed in the morning so easy, and when it's cold, outfits like those are especially ideal.

Some mornings though, I find myself pulling a little bit of everything out of the closet. It always seems like it's not going to come together up until the last minute, but somehow, it all works out. That's kind of what getting dressed this morning was like - I started with the sequin sweater just because, and added a plain white oxford for warmth. Although I was initially going to wear plain blue jeans, I threw on army green khakis because, well, why not?  Then, instead of opting for simple black pumps, I went with chunky calf-hair pumps. As I looked in the mirror, I kind of felt like Serena van der Woodsen: effortless, and beautiful. As I stated earlier, I rarely find myself getting dressed in this kind of fashion, but the outfits that come out of these kinds of mornings always end up being some of my favorites.
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