Thursday, February 27, 2014

Copycat Starbucks Pumpkin Scones

Most people consider any dish with pumpkin to fall under the autumn recipes umbrella. I'm not one of those people. Although you're not going to find me eating pumpkin pie in the middle of the summer, I really do enjoy the flavor year round. Today, I decided to break from my normal breakfast routine of oatmeal and a smoothie, and bake up some pumpkin scones instead (inspired by Damn Delicious, as always).

Oh my goodness, are these DELICIOUS! The scones are buttery, soft, and just a little bit chewy. Plus, they have a great pumpkin spice flavor, and are topped not just with one, but TWO sweet glazes. Although I am not a coffee drinker, I can imagine these being the perfect thing for dipping into a steaming hot mug of joe. Read below to see how I made these.


For scones:
-2 cups of flour
-1/3 cup brown sugar
-1 tsp cinnamon
-1 tsp baking powder
-1/2 tsp ground ginger
-1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
-1/2 tsp baking soda
-1/4 tsp salt
-1/2 cup unsalted butter, cut into cubes
-1/2 pumpkin puree
-3 tbsp milk
-1 egg
-2 tsp vanilla extract

For white glaze
-1 cup powdered sugar
-2 tbsp milk

For spiced glaze
-1 cup powdered sugar
-1/4 tsp cinnamon
-1/4 tsp ground ginger
-pinch of nutmeg
-2 tbsp milk

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper, and set aside.

2. In a large mixing bowl, combine flour, sugar, cinnamon, baking powder, ginger, nutmeg, baking soda, and salt. Add cold butter, using your fingers to work it into the dry ingredients until it resembles coarse crumbs.

3. In a medium size bowl, combine pumpkin puree, milk, egg, and vanilla. Whisk until combined. Pour the mixture into the dry ingredients, and stir using a rubber spatula until a soft dough forms (it should be a little sticky).

4. Working on a lightly floured surface, knead the dough a couple of times until it comes together. Using a rolling pin, roll the dough into a 10 by 7 inch circle. Using a pizza cutter, cut the dough in half lengthwise, then crosswise. Cut eat quarter of the dough in half again, so you have 8 pizza-like slices.

5. Place scones onto your baking sheet. Place in the oven, and bake for about 10 - 12 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.

6. Make the white glaze by combining powdered sugar and milk. Whisk with a fork until smooth. For the spiced glaze, combine sugar, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and milk. Whisk, and set aside with white glaze.

Scones immediately after coming out of the oven. Yum!

7. After the scones have cooled, ice first with the white icing, and drizzle the spiced glaze using a spoon. Allow both glazes to set before serving. Enjoy!

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