Sunday, March 9, 2014

Mod About You and Minnie Style

Today's post isn't super special, but I love to keep track of my weekly manicures (when I actually keep up with them). Anyway, I was really drawn to pink this week - probably because I avoided it for the last month, and now I've decided I like it again for the time being.

My base color is "Mod About You," which is pretty pale pink, which a slight hint of lilac. I use it all the time, but even more so in the spring. As usual, I couldn't just paint my nails with a solid color, I always have to do a little something extra to make me happy. In this case, I used my new glitter polish "Minnie Style," also from OPI, which is a mix of red, magenta, and white hexagon-shaped glitter pieces. I love how the combination turned out, but the glitter pieces are a little difficult to apply.
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