Wednesday, April 30, 2014

101 in 1001: April 2014

I wasn't looking forward to writing this post. As I thought about what I could remember of my list in my head, I was sure I had not accomplished very much. However, as I began going through the list, I was pleasantly surprised by how many things I could cross off! I know some moths will be better than others, but it's all a part of a bigger goal. Anyway, here's what I completed this month.

13. Donate old prom and homecoming dresses to a worthwhile cause.
The only reason this one took me as long as it did was because the dresses were still at my parents house.  So, when I was home recently, I packed them all up to be sent off. I ended up donating them here

16. Bring donuts in for my coworkers.
I had completely forgotten this was on my list! I actually made the cinnamon sugar donuts with every intention of sharing them with my coworkers, so check!

22. Find a new church where I feel at home.
This was an important one for me. In college, I pretty much stopped going to church because I didn't make it a priority and I felt too "busy". However, I knew if I ever wanted to feel at home in Virginia, I would have to find a church. Thankfully, I've started going again, and I am much happier. Thanks to Facebook and the Internet for making it incredibly easy to find a nice one.

25. Get business cards.
I didn't even have to do anything to accomplish this one! While at work one day, the graphics department sent me a proof of my business card to make sure everything was spelled correctly. Shortly after, they were printed, and delivered to me. I feel so professional now that I have these, but I'm not sure if I'll ever use them. Do people trade business cards? Is that a thing?

30. See Bruce Springsteen in concert (again).
I wasn't sure this was ever going to happen again. I was so fortunate to see Bruce Springsteen once, but because of scalpers who buy all the tickets and skyrocketing prices, I wasn't sure I would have a chance. When I found out the closest city he would be in was Virginia Beach (+3.5 hours from my place in northern Virginia), I asked my mom if she was up for a road trip, and I am so glad she agreed. Thankfully, the day of the ticket sales, I was able to quickly score three tickets so my dad come too. We had the absolute best time. I would love to go to another (I know, I know) Springsteen concert in the next couple of years, but time will only tell.

40. Join a group on meetup, and attend at least one event.
Pretty proud of myself for this one! I went out with a group of other young 20 somethings for trivia night at a local restaurant. Although I didn't have an instant friend connection with anyone, it was a fun night, and I would definitely go again.

45. Try five new restaurants. (Burger Tap and Shake, A la Lucia)
This probably would be an easy one for some people, but once I find a place I like, I go there all the time. I'm proud that I finally accomplishes this one - and found some new places to enjoy!

46. Write 10 reviews on Yelp. (Mint Condition)
This is my tenth one, so I can cross this off too! I've definitely become a much better Yelper. Hopefully I can keep it up!
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  1. I kid you not, I have gone through 4 boxes (400 cards each) of business cards in the last year! You will totally trade them. Also, I want one :)


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