Friday, April 18, 2014

Ballerina Inspired

Blazer: Kate Spade
Shirt: Ted Baker
Pants: J. Crew
Shoes: Vera Wang
Headband: Juicy Couture
Necklace: Claire*s

The weather this week has been all over the place! On Monday, it was beautiful and sunny, and as we near the end of this week we're experience blustery winds and chilly temperatures. Unfortunately, that meant pulling out the winter clothes all over again.

I'm okay with that though - it's really teaching me to stretch out my wardrobe to it's fullest potential. Today's outfit is a combination of some of my most comfortable and versatile pieces: ballet flats, minnie pants, and fitted blazer with a pretty bow back. Maybe it's the soft pink of this t-shit, but today's outfit feels very ballerina like, and I quite like it!
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