Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A week in Instagram


Hello, my poor neglected blog! I've missed you terribly. I spent all last week on vacation road-tripping to Michigan to visit my half sister and her family, and the week before that preparing to take a week off of work (aka working 11-12 hour days). So, there really was no time to blog, or even think about blogging. But I'm back, and ready to get back in the swing of things!

Through I would kick it off with my week in Instagram post. Lots of great photos from my road trip.

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1. A tasty raspberry macaron from my cupcake and macaron tour in Georgetown.

2. Driving down the darkest, loneliest road in Ohio. Also known as the Ohio turnpike.

3. First major stop in Ohio - the Football Hall of Fame in Canton. Although I am not a football fan in the slightest, this was a great stop. I learned a lot (obviously), and found the museum was very interactive.

4. Continuing on the road in Detroit, and we passed the exit for 8 mile. I had to take a photo!

5. In the largest (seriously) Christmas store in the country in Frankenmuth, Michigan. Definitely a tourist trap, but we had a lot of fun.

6. The only authentic working Dutch mill in the United States in Holland, Michigan. We were so lucky to stop by while the tulips were in bloom - there are more than 100,000 on the island. Just beautiful!

7. Finishing up our trip with a afternoon Detroit Tigers game. It ended up being a major blow out, but I had the best time! Plus, got to check off another baseball stadium.

8. Reminiscing with a store-brand (non Flinstones) orange sherbet push-up pop. Yum! 

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