Thursday, July 31, 2014

Closet Organization

In our apartment, we have one teeny tiny linen closet right outside the bathroom. When we first moved in almost a year ago, it was nowhere near as stuffed as it is in the above photos. But somehow, this happened. Probably because the lack of initial organization when we moved in, but I digress. As this is some of our only storage space, we needed to make it work. There needed to be a space for the extra towels, medicine, cleaning products, and of course, my overflowing stash of beauty products and nail polish tower.

So, one weekend I got ambitious and dumped everything out. Before I got to organizing, I went through and sorted everything out. I trashed anything that had expired or we didn't use anymore, got together a pile of travel sized toiletries for donation, and wiped all the shelves down with some Clorox wipes. It was looking much better already!

After a couple of hours, here was the end result:

It's hard to really tell how vast of an improvement this is, but just trust me. It just took a bunch of little changes to make such a huge improvement. I'm quite pleased to say that a month and a half later, my closet still looks this good (so yea, I'm behind on posting)! Here are a few things I did to really tidy it up:

-I organized all of the travel-sized toiletries I wanted to keep into a pop-top container, and hid it in one of the blue bins. I don't reach for them frequently, so they didn't need to be easily accessible.

-After cleaning everything out, I was able to make some room in our laundry room for the Clorox wipes, which is where they really belonged anyway.

-Anything that was still in packaging got taken out of the packaging and recycled. I don't know how that saved so much room, but it really did.

-The white bin (filled with my craft supplies and odds and ends) got moved to the top shelf, as I almost never need anything in there.

-Refolded the towels so they fit the shape of our closet better.
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