Monday, July 28, 2014

Dresses and Tees

Shirt: Theory
Dress: Nine West
Necklace: Lauren Ralph Lauren
Shoes: Coach

I love dresses. They are easy to throw on, comfortable, and so feminine. However, I tend to find that I get stuck in a rut wearing them the same way over and over again. I'll either wear it on its own with coordinating jewelry and shoes, or with a jean jacket thrown on top. Simple looks that are easy to put together, but it can definitely get boring.

I've been trying to get better about mixing it up when it comes to wearing my dresses. One easy way I've found to do that is by throwing on a t-shirt on top! As long as the t-shirt is dark and the dress is pretty form fitting, the end result usually turns out really well. In this case, a lot of people thought this was a skirt - which is exactly the look I wanted to achieve. It's not a huge stretch, but it helps me make the most out of my wardrobe. 

P.S - Here's what the dress looks like on its own. Pin It

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