Tuesday, September 2, 2014

101 in 1001: August 2014

Surprisingly, August was a very busy month for me! Between reunions and other family obligations, there wasn't one weekend that I spent at home. With that being said, I'm pretty exhausted, and impressed that I was able to accomplish as much as I did on my list!

7. Finish all the Harry Potter books.
This month, I finished the sixth book, which I think is my favorite one to date!

8. Watch all the Harry Potter movies. 
Immediately after finishing the book, I had to watch the movie the next night. It didn't quite compare to the book (surprise, surprise), but I did enjoy it.

20. Go to the eye doctor, and get new glasses.
I kind of half did this one, but I'm going to cross it off anyway. Earlier this month, I finally went to the eye doctor after a two and a half year hiatus. Lucky for me, the doctor reported that my eyes were very healthy, and my prescription had not changed. Once I heard that, I decided to hold off on getting new glasses, since I didn't really need them.  

53. Fill out an address book with current contact information.
For the longest time, all of my addresses were in the back of my yearly calendar. So, at the end of every year I would have to copy the addresses into my new planner. I finally took a moment to buy a simple address book from Amazon, and it's already much easier.

99. For one week, turn off the morning news, and read for an hour.
I didn't really plan for this to happen, but I became so engrossed in Harry Potter this month, I read for an hour while eating my breakfast and before getting ready for work. I need to do this more often - it's much more relaxing than watching the news.

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