Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Upcycled Jewelry Christmas Tree

What would we have ever done without Pinterest for inspiration? I guess probably get ideas from friends, magazines, and Internet articles found all on our our. Thanks goodness for Pinterest though, it makes finding cool projects and recipes so easy and organized, too.

A few weeks ago, my mom found some pins of Christmas trees made from broken jewelry, and I was awestruck. They were all beautiful, and I wasn't sure if we would be able to near replicate what they looked like. Regardless, this past weekend we gave it a try, and are quite pleased with how our final project turned out. Although I think ours may lack in cohesion like the ones I linked do, ours has a lot of meaning to us as most of the jewelry belonged to my grandma who recently passed, and my mom. Read on for how to make this on your own!

You'll Need
-a picture frame, glass removed. (we used a 16"x20")
-broken jewelry - pins, necklaces, earrings, bracelets
-filler pieces - little pearls, beads, buttons
-wire cutters and pliers
-cardboard to fit your frame
-duct tape
-velvet material to cover cardboard
-glue gun and glue sticks

1. Break all of your jewelry. This, by far, will take the longest amount of time. You can use the wire cutters or regular scissors to cut necklace chains and bracelets. I also used the wire cutters to cut the pins off of regular earrings and pins. The goal is to make everything as flat as possible. Once everything was broken, we organized relatively by color.

2. Cut/find a piece of cardboard that will fit in your frame. Cover with velvet, and use the duct tape to hold it down in the back. Once covered, place the covered cardboard back in the frame. 

3. Arrange your jewelry on the velvet in your desired shape. We went for a traditional triangle shape. This can be pretty tricky to do, but found the easiest thing to do was start with the largest pieces, and arrange haphazardly. Once you start to get an idea of what it is going to look like, you can move things around so you don't have too much color in a certain area.

4. Once arranged, plug in your glue gun, and get to work - carefully! I started at the top, added a little glue to the piece, and worked my way down. I wouldn't recommend doing a piece at the top and a piece at the bottom as if anything moves, you'll be committed to your shape. Either work your way up or down, removing a piece or so at a time.

5. Once the biggest pieces are glued down, look for little holes and fill with the small beads. Finally, let everything dry. In the end, you'll have something that looks a little bit like what is above. However, one of the best things about this is everyone's will always be unique and special to them.

Below is a close up of how our final project turned out. I'm looking forward to making another one, but need to get back to jewelry collection, first!

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  1. So pretty! Glad you had fun with your mama! Maybe I can convince my mom to do this with all her jewelry that she never wears. Lol.



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