Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A week in Instagram

Here's what the last three weeks (or so) have looked like through Instagram:

1. I took a long weekend trip to Kansas City to visit my college roommate, indulge in a lot of shopping, and gossip all night long. It was glorious, and the most relaxed I've been in awhile.

2. Trying on prom dresses because we can't resist playing dress up wherever we go (and I think we seriously miss sharing closets 24/7).

3. We did some sightseeing, and found a perfect spot for me to capture the Kansas City skyline.

4. Back at home, Derrick and I did a little jewelry shopping for our upcoming wedding, and enjoyed all the free treats (hello, Georgetown Cupcake!) that they had at the store.

5. Breakfast for dinner with one of my favorite people at a local diner in northern Virginia.

6. My overflowing Easter basket! I seriously have the best mom in the world.

7. I took another weekend trip to San Antonio with my mom to go to her best friends wedding (my Dad didn't feel like going - his loss!). We stayed right on the riverwalk, and had the absolute best view, even though the weather didn't cooperate most of the trip.

8. What visit to San Antonio would be complete without a visit to the Alamo? We had a great tour guide, and learned a lot!

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Business Professional

Blazer: L.K. Bennett
Shirt: Theory
Necklace: vintage
Pants: Paige
Shoes: Vera Wang

This is something that I wore a couple of weeks ago, but I still wanted to share. I know it's getting warmer now (finally!) but I really liked the simplicity of this outfit.

My office has a really laid-back dress code (even business casual is much nicer than what most people are wearing), so wearing something like this usually results in a couple of comments on how dressed up I am. Whatever - I wear what I want to wear. Anyway, this is pretty much a combination of some of the most worn pieces in my closet, and is surprisingly super comfortable. While I normally think that black and white on their own can be a pretty boring combination, I think this pale blue blouse gives a little life to the overall look.

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