Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Black and Blue

Dress: Rebecca Taylor
Tights: DKNY
Shoes: BCBGeneration
Jewelry: gift

While I was still working in my old office, one day a co-worker of mine casually mentioned that she was going to see Shania Twain in concert that evening. No big deal, right? For some reason, that reignited my love for her music. That day, I found myself lost in a black hole, listening to all of my old favorite songs (Come On Over was one of my first CD's!). I went from streaming eStreet radio all day to rocking out to Shania Twain in the office, in my car, at home - wherever. 

This is a long winded explanation for my theme for today's outfit, inspired by Twain's "Black Eyes, Blue Tears." Whenever I pair black and blue together, I can't help of think of this song! I know it's considered a "faux-pas" to wear the two together, but when have I ever really cared about those?
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